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4110 W. Martin Dr. 

Milwaukee, WI. 53208



    The Place

    2Mesa represents the Spanish words "tu mesa" meaning "your table."

    The name fits because we want to be your table away from home.

    Let us do the cooking tonight so you can reconnect with family and friends. Then, visit our bar and relax with your favorite drink or one of our signature margaritas.

    The food

    World-class culinary skill, a love for all things food, fresh

     ingredients, and heirloom family recipes come together in the 2Mesa kitchen to create mind-blowing Mexican dishes.


    One bite, and you will understand why we say our food is so much more than just something to eat.

    The mission

    Today's technology is keeping people from actually meeting people.


    We are on a mission to reconnect family and friends around our tables with healthy and delicious food.

    Bring your friends and family to our tables and see how we are making meals a social gathering once again.