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4110 W. Martin Dr. 

Milwaukee, WI. 53208


    bAR Menu

    Not only do we have a well-stocked bar, we have also created our own special drinks to

    compliment your journey to flavortown.

    Adult Beverages

    Served during open hours

    Tap Beer

    We carry an ever-rotating stock of tap beer to compliment the season, and our food.

    Please ask you server for more information.


    Bottled beer



    Corona Premier




    Dos XX

    Modelo Especial

    Lakefront White

    Lakefront New Grist

    Lakefront Fuel Café

    Miller Genuine Draft

    Miller Light




    Featured Cabernet
    Featured Pinot Noir
    Featured Red Blend
    Featured Malbec
    Featured Chardonnay
    Featured Sauvignon Blanc
    Featured White Blend

    Red Sangria on the rocks

    Featured Sparkling


    House Margaritas

    Our House Margaritas feature seasonal flavors and are homemade with 100% agave from the Ranchero family, freshly squeezed lime juice, and Triple Sec. Served with a salted rim,

    on the rocks or up.

    Strawberry Margarita

    Made with 100% agave tequila from Arandas lime juice, crushed fresh strawberries, agave nectar,

    and Triple Sec.

    Mixed Drinks


    Brandy Old Fashioned

    Made with Door County cherries, orange slices,

    a dash of bitters, and brandy.


    Made with 100% agave tequila, vodka, mango puree, spiced rum, and a dash of seltzer.


    Made with Patron Silver, Espolon Silver,

    Bulleit Bourbon, Grand Marnier, and a

    splash of ginger beer.


    Made with fresh mint, fresh lime, Mexican rock sugar, rum, and seltzer.


    Available classic or dirty.


    Made like your favorite but with tequila.